Red Bucket Update- Roulette

In keeping with our passion of serving the desperate, Red Bucket led a rescue effort that impacted 31 feral pregnant mares, saving them from the anguish and brutality of slaughter. Consistent with our practice of “saving one more”, we were able to save a terrified baby who had been stripped from her mother’s side before the mare shipped to slaughter. Roulette arrived at Red Bucket petrified, filthy, and exhausted. Dried mud and manure caked her matted coat and she shrank from our touch, trembling uncontrollably. Roulette was enrolled in Red Bucket “Charm Farm” and began the slow process of learning that people are kind and the world is safe. Roulette, a pleaser by nature, completed her under-saddle training thanks to the generosity of a wonderful donor who sponsored her training. Roulette emerged a confident, beautiful, and willing partner. No longer motherless, Roulette has been proudly adopted by Karen Tilley, and now has a forever family…and best friend of her own! Congratulations Karen and Roulette! 
For information about sponsoring one of our four-year-old’s under-saddle training and linking arms with us in providing a safe future like the one Roulette received, please contact Susan at We are profoundly grateful for all those who help us help the horses!