Top o’ the mornin’ to my Red Bucket Family!


Mr. Rogers here, letting you know that in addition to taking excellent care of our Treasured Residents, everyone at Red Bucket wants you and yours to be safe too! Here are a few things that we are practicing that we would like to share!

1. The virus can live on halters, leads, and tack! Please be mindful of this and disinfect!

2. Sanitize water taps and hoses.

3. If wearing gloves, please remember to sanitize them regularly…and if you are wearing cotton gloves wash and dry them!

4. Disinfect those sneaky smooth surfaces like light switches, door knobs, and gate latches.

5. Please remember your muck cart handles, bucket handles, and mucking tools like picks, shovels and brooms!

Remember that Social Distance does not mean Emotional Distance!

Sending you a Red-Donk-ulous air kiss from our barn to yours,

Mr. Rogers