Top o’ the mornin’ to my Red Bucket Family!

  Mr. Rogers here, letting you know that in addition to taking excellent care of our Treasured Residents, everyone at Red Bucket wants you and yours to be safe too! Here are a few things that we are practicing that we would like to share! 1. The virus can live on halters, leads, and tack! Please be mindful of this … Read More

December 2016 Horse Highlight: Clyde

Affectionate, engaged…and most of all grateful~Clyde is “a real ham with a kind heart!” according to Red Bucket Equine Rescue Volunteer Andrea Velarde. If Red Bucket employed a ranch “Greeter,” the position would have already been filled. Meet Clyde, who “loves being in the front of the Ranch so that he can greet everyone first!” says Red Bucket volunteer Andrea … Read More

The Irresistible Adventures Of Mr. Rogers:

In rescue, there are milestone events that cause us to celebrate…sometimes screaming inside so as not to startle the horse, high-fiving a fellow team member, or expressing our relief and delight with a stray tear…as there simply are no words. There are also smaller moments that are comprised of a cumulation of consistency, tenderness, and time. These almost invisible moments … Read More

Home For The Holidays…

Continuing our theme of those previously unwanted who are safe and sound for the holidays…is Mr. Rogers who was blissfully adopted by his BFF Finbar earlier this year. Today, Mr. Rogers enjoyed one of his Holiday presents early (a fresh load of sand), and consistent with the behavior of rescued animals demonstrated his gratitude in his own way. While Mr. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 256 and #257- Juble and Blossom

When our good buddy Parker developed ulcers, and all of the tricks, including diet changes, added enrichment, and Ranitidine failed to work, Lauren came up with the Red-donk-u-lous idea of getting Parker his very own donkey! We went to our waiting list in an effort to find just the right gelding for the job, and low and behold….we found the … Read More

The New Life Adventures of Mr. Rogers:

Equine, are of course prey animals. They are likely only to REALLY lay down, truly rest, and completely close both eyes….if they feel safe. There are the little milestones of our work, that truly mark the importance of the impact of our daily actions and the slow, and sometimes painful, transition from victim….to truly safe. It is often the enrichment … Read More

Welcome to your new life, Mr. Rogers!

There are small triumphs that indicate our previously abused equines are turning the corner and beginning to hope…live….and trust. They are small but promising moments that are peppered with a curious glance, an unexpected nicker, or a movement toward us….rather than a retreating step. Mr. Rogers has taken his time deciding that his new life is real, and not just a … Read More

A Gentle Hug

We love horses. In saving them, we lovingly care for them…provide a safe home, enrichment by way of toys, group turn outs and individual attention. Lately we are taking note of the tender way that they take care of one another. Finbar dotes on his donkey Mr. Rogers, Paidraig has taught Kolcheck how to play soccer, Winni has taken over … Read More

Finbar and Mr. Rogers

Perhaps what captivates us the most is their innate need…drive really, for relationship, contact and friendship. We stop frequently to marvel at the intimacy of their connection to one another, the reciprocal care taking, and nurturing. I…n the last number of years, our awareness has grown as we have watched the Irish sisters gleefully reunite after a three year separation. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #199 – Mr. Rogers

We constantly marvel at the tenacity and resilience of the donkey. Far be it for a Red Riding Hood to ever call one of our donkey friends stubborn ….or use a despairing label or name. We do however have great respect and affection for these intelligent, thoughtful, and ever so endearing little beings. We also know that the very tenacity … Read More