A new North Star

It is impossible to be engaged in our beautiful work and not somehow be altered. It is an adjustment in mindset that occurs either by epiphany, or a gradual process of having one’s values slowly realigned in such a way that brings clarity to the important, sheds off the trivial and insignificant, and gives us a direction…a new North Star, if you will. Perhaps the most glaring of all is the deep and profound value for life…and an almost primal need to protect. Our weanlings are thriving. They have been integrated with a larger herd to benefit their socialization and offer deeper enrichment. Their new herd consists of three gentle geriatric geldings, Roulette, an orphan weanling, and Joey the donkey. The kiddos still stick to themselves, and while they are beginning to contemplate mixing it up a bit with Roulette, Uncle Donny the harmonizing peace keeper seems to be managing further integration cautiously, even buffering our youngsters from an occasional “fly by” from Joey. Without exception, we of course are monitoring our babies too, and they are precious beyond description, glorious, and very very much alive.