This is what a rescue horse looks like

Thurston After unnamed-33 Thurston before

Animal Control contacted us…they needed help. 24 horses had been seized due to malnutrition and chronic, ongoing neglect. Although we were full…and not funded…we said “yes” to one. It has always been our practice of tightening up our elbows at the dinner table…to help at least one more. We have “rescue” in our name, and we take the obligation to serve seriously. Thurston has flourished from day one; he has not displayed anything other than gratitude, kindness, and an abundance of affection. He is delightful, and as his ribs (which were concealed under a coarse and filthy winter coat) began to fade, he blossomed into a shiny show pony of a horse…and yes, for those who need to ask…this is what a “rescue horse” looks like! (Thanks to Wanelle Fitch photography).