Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #253 – Thurston

Carrie contacted us, distraught and devastated over the loss of her beloved 27-year-old horse. It is a love story that we have become all too familiar with…the passing of a treasured lifelong horse, leaving a devoted owner heartbroken and the horse’s companion grieving and inconsolable. Understanding the emotion and urgency, our team worked quickly to match Carrie’s wish list: a … Read More

This is what a rescue horse looks like

Animal Control contacted us…they needed help. 24 horses had been seized due to malnutrition and chronic, ongoing neglect. Although we were full…and not funded…we said “yes” to one. It has always been our practice of tightening up our elbows at the dinner table…to help at least one more. We have “rescue” in our name, and we take the obligation to … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 317- Thurston

We were contacted by the Riverside Animal Control about 24 malnourished and neglected horses that were seized by the authorities on March 4th. Fortunately, the horses have been removed from their horrible situation where the poor horses were left to eat only the manure off of the ground due to the complete lack of food. Although we are full, we … Read More