Meet Roulette

Meet Roulette. Roulette a long with the latest batch of pregnant feral mares was rescued from slaughter with three other 3 month old orphans. We do not want to think of what happened to their mothers…but we do know that she was filthy, terrified, and while mixed in with frantic pregnant mares, Roulette was very much alone. She too was feral, and for the first week, it was impossible to get our hands on her. She was also exhausted, and the first night after a healthy dinner she laid down in her bedded stall and slept for hours, with the exhaustion of a toddler in deep slumber after too may hours at an amusement park, only Roulette hadn’t been at Disneyland, she had been in Hell. She awoke with shavings clinging to her matted coat and eyed us warily. For the next three weeks, Roulette attended “Red Bucket Charm Farm”, under the tutelage of Miss Lauren, Roulette has learned to walk nicely on the lead, to stand politely while being groomed (even to enjoy it!), and to pick her hooves up without drama, when asked. She has begun to nicker for us, has made friends with other horses, and has bonded with Finbar who has inserted himself as a surrogate parent and protector. We are slowly shedding out clumps of matted hair and layers of dried filth and crusted manure. she has shyly begun to explore our clothing with a tiny soft muzzle that is just beginning to show signs of roaning……..which makes us once again, wonder about her mother, and hope by some miracle that she too was saved. Welcome to your second chance, little Roulette.