Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 317- Thurston

thurston intake 3Thruston intake 1a

We were contacted by the Riverside Animal Control about 24 malnourished and neglected horses that were seized by the authorities on March 4th. Fortunately, the horses have been removed from their horrible situation where the poor horses were left to eat only the manure off of the ground due to the complete lack of food. Although we are full, we were able to take one of the horses and are committed to try and help place/network additional horses…Thoroughbred mares that are pretty thin, mostly body scores of 3. The good news is that the previous owner will be facing felony abuse charges…and the horses are safe. Thurston, our newest resident, is darling…very sweet, still hungry after so many missed meals…but also hungry for attention and kindness. Thurston even kicked up his heels and played in his turnout this morning, and will enjoy a cozy box and pile of fresh alfalfa during our rain later today.