Blizzard and Walker

Our Team took the briefest hiatus from their busy duties of serving our Treasured Residents to appreciate the magical moment occurring in Finbar’s Pasture. Two formerly slaughter-bound youngsters frolicked, played, ran, and grazed together, enjoying their enriched lives. “Baby” Walker had already been sold to Kill Buyers and was moments from shipping before our dear friend Kristine Overly swept in … Read More

April 2018 Culture Message

It was 10:10 am. The sun was gently warming the east side of the ranch; the fragrance of spring was lightly laced with the clean aroma of fresh shavings. With the precision of a Swiss watch, Legacy was taking his morning nap…flat out recumbent, not just snoozing…but snoring; grumbles, groans, and grunts comically disrupting an otherwise tranquil scene. Keeping with … Read More

Baby Blizzard Update!

  Our previously unwanted and slaughter-bound youngster Blizzard is home from the hospital and recovering nicely after surgery to cut his right front Deep Digital Flexor Tendon. The surgery was critical as his front right club hoof was severely contracted, rendering him unable to walk, which is likely the reason that his breeder discarded him in the first place. Blizzard, … Read More