Blizzard and Walker

Our Team took the briefest hiatus from their busy duties of serving our Treasured Residents to appreciate the magical moment occurring in Finbar’s Pasture. Two formerly slaughter-bound youngsters frolicked, played, ran, and grazed together, enjoying their enriched lives. “Baby” Walker had already been sold to Kill Buyers and was moments from shipping before our dear friend Kristine Overly swept in and brought him and his mother to the safety of Red Bucket. Blizzard, who was rescued from slaughter…and then rescued again, came to Red Bucket for a third chance. Because his deformed club foot went unattended to, Blizzard’s only hope was lifesaving surgery which he received in our care fourteen months ago. While rehabilitation might feel like forever when you are a spirited two-year-old, the wait certainly proved to be worth it! Today our boys experience the joy of a cherished life…and our dedicated team pauses to allow the impact of our lifesaving work to resonate. The video that we shot of Walker and Blizzard was not view-able due to the copious dust clouds, but suffice it to say…authentic joy was present. Thank you to all who make our lifesaving work possible!