Spotlight on Finbar

In May of 2009, we rescued 42 beautifully bred Irish TB’s hours from the kill truck, including Finbar. They were emaciated, shattered, hopeless and vacant. The stallions including Finbar were standing in cramped, filthy pens nose-to-tail-tail-to-nose eating each other’s tails in a half hearted and desperate last chance for survival. When Finbar arrived at Red Bucket he was angry and … Read More

December 2016 Horse Highlight: Clyde

Affectionate, engaged…and most of all grateful~Clyde is “a real ham with a kind heart!” according to Red Bucket Equine Rescue Volunteer Andrea Velarde. If Red Bucket employed a ranch “Greeter,” the position would have already been filled. Meet Clyde, who “loves being in the front of the Ranch so that he can greet everyone first!” says Red Bucket volunteer Andrea … Read More

October 2016 Culture Message

The weekend, and our recent loss, brought conversation about the Amazing Jack. Usually, we talk about our horses starting at the beginning. But our little impromptu gathering started the reminiscing near the end. His last few years had been a gift, and not one of us had taken it…or him…for granted. It seemed poignant that the conversation was sparked in … Read More

Happy Birthday Dear Finbar!

It was seven years ago that I met him…starving, desperate, and hours from being shipped to slaughter. He was standing nose-to-tail, tail-to-nose with 21 other stallions. They had been eating one another’s tails in that final, half-hearted attempt to stay alive. Finbar was one of the only stallions to still have a tail…and a spark. Initially that spark also had … Read More

October 2015 Culture Message

Later I found out that it was Finbar who saved Seamus. It was early and I was well on my way to my “day job”. Typically, Finbar and his associate donkey Mr. Rogers are in their paddock in the early hours of a new day, supervising the morning activities and awaiting what amounts to room service, or the delivery of morning … Read More

First Week of Filming Complete!

We have completed an amazing first week of filming Emma’s Chance! Anna-Elizabeth James is our new hero…we are flabbergasted and inspired to watch her meticulous and artful approach to every scene…and syllable! With Tyler Konney as the master puppeteer, Barbara Greaves working magic behind the set….and the outstanding “A”cast members (photographed Greer Grammer, Missi Pyle, and Joey Lawrence) and a … Read More

The Irresistible Adventures Of Mr. Rogers:

In rescue, there are milestone events that cause us to celebrate…sometimes screaming inside so as not to startle the horse, high-fiving a fellow team member, or expressing our relief and delight with a stray tear…as there simply are no words. There are also smaller moments that are comprised of a cumulation of consistency, tenderness, and time. These almost invisible moments … Read More

December 2014 Culture Message

Our core values tend to come by way of our primary years…our parents, families and early important influences. While as we age and mature, we certainly add values, or in some cases shed beliefs that no longer provide the foundational road map that allows us to navigate a purposeful life. This cycle clocks our emotional growth…and there are certain values … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 256 and #257- Juble and Blossom

When our good buddy Parker developed ulcers, and all of the tricks, including diet changes, added enrichment, and Ranitidine failed to work, Lauren came up with the Red-donk-u-lous idea of getting Parker his very own donkey! We went to our waiting list in an effort to find just the right gelding for the job, and low and behold….we found the … Read More

Finbar and Mr. Rogers

Perhaps what captivates us the most is their innate need…drive really, for relationship, contact and friendship. We stop frequently to marvel at the intimacy of their connection to one another, the reciprocal care taking, and nurturing. I…n the last number of years, our awareness has grown as we have watched the Irish sisters gleefully reunite after a three year separation. … Read More