September 2017 Team Member Highlight: Shannon Ballou

LEADING BY EXAMPLE School teacher by day, role model and philanthropist by night, this month’s featured team member provides a whole new meaning to the word “give”. What began as a journey of curiosity for her daughter has turned into a full-fledged mission of dedication and service. Find out how this determined mom and her precocious daughter infiltrated Red Bucket … Read More

April 2017 Team Member Highlight: Megan Mahan

Continuing Education at the Ranch What they teach you in school doesn’t compare to what you learn at the Ranch that the Horses Own Her degree in Horse Ranch Management provided Megan Mahan with the basics for an equine education; Red Bucket provides the continued education and hands on experience that has taken her to the next level. “I knew … Read More

February 2017 Team Member Highlight: Alexandra and Felicia Stears

Like Mother Like Daughter A shared passion for animal welfare led this mother/daughter team to Red Bucket, a day we are all grateful for! It’s one thing to dedicate yourself to a cause; it’s another to completely immerse yourself in its mission. Meet Alexandra and Felicia Stears, a charismatic mother/daughter team who have made quite a splash at Red Bucket! … Read More

January 2017 Team Member Highlight: Anne-Marie Hallman

  Like Mother Like Daughter What’s a mom to do when her daughter wants a horse? GET HER ONE! Brianna was relentless. This tenacious 13 year old read about Red Bucket Equine Rescue in the Orange County Register and was determined to become a part of this group. She didn’t care that they had a minimum age of 18 for … Read More

December 2016 Team Member Highlight: Michael Ferrante

  If it Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway! Ever wonder what it takes to keep our Ranch up to snuff? Meet this month’s volunteer extraordinaire, Michael Ferrante, owner of Equine Facilities Repair and our “go-to” guy for handyman and repair work. Michael is a contractor with a huge heart for horses. He met Susan Peirce at the barn where his … Read More

October 2016 Team Member Highlight: Jill Clarke

THE HORSE SINGER – From singing to sewing, this team member does it all! Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? Imagine Maria von Trapp gracefully wandering through Red Bucket, singing soothing melodies to our four legged guests. Now open your eyes and meet team member extraordinaire Jill Clarke! According to Cathy Hessman, Jill Clarke is one of the … Read More

September 2016 Team Member Highlight: Asia Arellano

This protégé of the Red Bucket internship program has paved the way for other ambitious students to take the reins and help restore confidence in abused horses.   What better way to spend your senior year in high school than at Red Bucket? That’s exactly what Asia Arellano did as part of her high school senior project in 2014, and … Read More

July 2016 Team Member Highlight: Kyle Blotzer

Pencil pusher by day, groomer extraordinaire by night, this multi-talented volunteer isn’t afraid to get her boots dirty! What do you get when you cross an accountant with an equestrian? Kyle Blotzer! Kyle is an integral part of the Red Bucket Equine Rescue finance team, assisting Michelle Walker in keeping our books in order. According to Susan Peirce, Kyle is … Read More

June 2016: Volunteer Highlight

The Adopter Becomes the Adoption Coordinator A summer vacation rekindles an equine love affair and creates a new position at Red Bucket. There is nothing quite as exciting as getting your own horse, except helping OTHERS find their dream horse! Andrea Elwell and her family have vacationed in Southern California every year for over 20 years, a welcome break from … Read More

April 2016 Volunteer Highlight: Michelle Walker

“It was a birthday surprise that first brought me to the Ranch that the Horses Own!” shares Michelle Walker, volunteer extraordinaire. “A dear friend of mine had the entire day planned, red shirts and all!  Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by MJ, who introduced us to the stunning Malone. I was captivated by MJ’s compassion and honesty in sharing … Read More