July 2016 Team Member Highlight: Kyle Blotzer

Pencil pusher by day, groomer extraordinaire by night, this multi-talented volunteer isn’t afraid to get her boots dirty! What do you get when you cross an accountant with an equestrian? Kyle Blotzer! Kyle is an integral part of the Red Bucket Equine Rescue finance team, assisting Michelle Walker in keeping our books in order. According to Susan Peirce, Kyle is … Read More

June 2016: Volunteer Highlight

The Adopter Becomes the Adoption Coordinator A summer vacation rekindles an equine love affair and creates a new position at Red Bucket. There is nothing quite as exciting as getting your own horse, except helping OTHERS find their dream horse! Andrea Elwell and her family have vacationed in Southern California every year for over 20 years, a welcome break from … Read More

April 2016 Volunteer Highlight: Michelle Walker

“It was a birthday surprise that first brought me to the Ranch that the Horses Own!” shares Michelle Walker, volunteer extraordinaire. “A dear friend of mine had the entire day planned, red shirts and all!  Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by MJ, who introduced us to the stunning Malone. I was captivated by MJ’s compassion and honesty in sharing … Read More

March 2016 Volunteer Highlight: Stephanie Onstot

Our feed crew is crucial to the health of the horses and our organization. This month’s featured volunteer doesn’t just feed our horses, she lives our mission and changes lives. Stephanie Onstot is new to Red Bucket, but not new to working with animals or rescues. She states, “I’ve been volunteering with Red Bucket for just under a year. When … Read More

Happy Five-Year Anniversary, Jenon!

 In the middle of a record number of adoptions (yes, stay tuned…there are more to come) and the celebrated birth of our newest little fire-plug of a filly, Trese, we pause to celebrate the “why” behind Red Bucket’s success…the strength of the vision and the people who serve. This week we are celebrating the gift that is Jenon Mathes. Jenon … Read More

January 2016 Volunteer Highlight: Shivani Joshi

   FEEDING A CAUSE Food nurtures the body and soul. At Red Bucket, feeding time is also bonding time, and this month’s featured volunteer explains how she has grown and bonded with horses and Red Riding Hoods over the past year. ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the Ranch, not a creature was stirring…except for Shivani Joshi! Shivani can often … Read More

November 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Linda Rose

The Face of Red Bucket You only get one chance at a first impression! Meet the woman that makes sure we always have our best hoof forward. When her best friend asked her to visit Red Bucket, Linda Rose nearly declined because of her other volunteer obligations AND her full time job. All it took was one visit and Linda … Read More

October 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Bethany Goodfellow

Born to Ride and Living to Give What started as an interest in horseback riding has turned into a full-fledged passion to help save horses’ lives. In learning we grow, and in growing we give. This month’s featured volunteer has grown exponentially with our group and continues to give of herself in ways that amaze us! “Bethany Goodfellow has been … Read More

September 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Lori McLaughlin

The Smiling Face of Red Bucket You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, which is why we have a dedicated and cheerful volunteer on hand to greet visitors when they first step foot onto Red Bucket! You may first notice the manicured grounds, well maintained buildings, and content horses at Red Bucket; you will also always find … Read More

July 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Karen Maish

It took a curious change of circumstances that attracted this vibrant and energetic Harvard graduate student to Red Bucket; oh what a fortuitous day for us! Lights, camera, giddy-up! Meet Karen Maish, the volunteer behind the famous Red Bucket video that helped launch our rescue to the next level! “I received a call from a woman that wanted to make … Read More