June 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Donna and Linda

A lifelong friendship has turned into a joint effort commitment to make a difference at Red Bucket What are your retirement goals? Rest, relaxation, travel? Meet two dynamic women who choose to WORK HARD as part of their retirement plan! Linda Weaver was approaching retirement and was looking for a volunteer opportunity, when her best friend Donna Murphy sent a … Read More

May 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Jessica Macvicar

It seems the right people always come along at the right time at Red Bucket. Every now and then there are people who come to Red Bucket to volunteer their services, and they become a part of the Red Bucket mission. And then there are those who join our organization and take us to another level; they LIVE our mission … Read More

March 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Susan Vanden Bos

This month’s featured volunteer has realized that her love for her horse has been amplified by sharing her love with ALL of the horses at Red Bucket Ranch! When her horse Buckshot needed special care, Susan Vanden Bos inquired into the Red Bucket day care program in Huntington Beach. What happened shortly thereafter changed both of their worlds! “I was … Read More

February 2015 Volunteer Highlight: Taea Hartwell

GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mark Twain aptly describes this month’s featured volunteer! What’s a young girl to do when school is out for the summer and there is nothing to do? Taea Hartwell chose to do something different, AND … Read More

December 2014 Volunteer Highlight: Lonnie Parsons

While searching for a new purpose for her life, this month’s featured volunteer found fulfillment by giving of herself to nurture our horses Have you ever felt like skipping for joy? And singing at the top of your lungs? This is how Lonnie Parsons describes her days at Red Bucket. “From the moment I first drove down English Road, I … Read More

November 2014 Adoption Celebrtaion: Julie Shields

What she lacks in size she makes up for in grit and determination. Meet our featured volunteer, Julie Shields! Her energy is pure electricity pulsating through the phone line. Julie Shields brings such a high level of commitment and passion to Red Bucket, traits that are becoming contagious amongst fellow volunteers. “Julie is a tiny slip of a woman with … Read More

October 2014 Volunteer Highlight: Andrea Velarde

It’s not unusual to have a person moved to tears when touring the Ranch. Our featured volunteer shares with me her emotional journey with Red Bucket that is proving to be a life saver, and a bit of a tear jerker. “I was referred to Red Bucket by a friend that read Doug Saunders’ story in The Sun,” shares Andrea … Read More

September 2014 Volunteer Highlight: Jody Sherman

Back in the Saddle Again This month’s featured volunteer has rekindled her passion for horses and brings a fresh, loving commitment to Red Bucket. Jody found out about Red Bucket through a story in The Daily Pilot a couple of years ago. At the time she was a busy mom with two sons on the Newport Harbor High water polo … Read More

August 2014 Volunteer Highlight: Shannon Gibbs

We all know how important it is for our horses to FEEL good. This month’s featured volunteer also makes them LOOK good! Red Bucket volunteers know our mission statement inside and out: To save and rehabilitate horses, restore their trust in humankind and find them safe, loving and permanent adoptive homes. Shannon Gibbs believes in this and more; she loves … Read More

July 2014 Volunteer Highlight: Roni Raczkowski

Our feature volunteer exemplifies responsibility and loyalty to the Red Bucket Equine Rescue. She has been the author of The Volunteer Highlight stories since the inception of our Newsletter, unfaltering in her dedication to writing them every single month. This has made her an integral part of the Red Bucket Team.   The volunteers at Red Bucket wear many different … Read More