Cross Tie Clinics

Volunteer Orientation Kimberly Volunteers

The Cross Tie Clinic program is designed for our active volunteers (minimum of 3 volunteer events). The Cross Tie Clinic is a one-hour demonstration and discussion aimed at improving our knowledge and satisfying those commonly asked (or unasked) questions like, “Why exactly do we need diapers?”, “What do we use the duct tape for?”, “Why do we always wrap legs when we turn horses out?”, “What exactly is colic anyways?”, “What is a normal horse temperature … and when exactly do you pull out the thermometer?”.  The Cross Tie Clinic will answer those commonly asked questions while providing information, demonstration and interaction to allow for individual involvement and intimacy. The clinic will be limited to a group size of eight. If the Cross Tie Clinic is full and you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email Anna Eddy at