April 2017 Adoption Celebration: Lily and Nikki

From starving and frightened to sassy and confident, this beautiful bay princess has found her fairy tale ending! Back when Red Bucket was a brand new rescue, we received a call from Sunland, California about two Thoroughbred mares in great distress. The mares were Lily and Tatum. Their story was a common one. Their owners had dreams of getting rich … Read More

Looking for a New Team Member

  Red Bucket is currently looking for a new team member to link arms with us in caring for and providing daily enrichment for our treasured residents. Qualified candidates must have solid horse handling skills, be physically fit, genuinely have a true love for horses, and have an outstanding work ethic. This entry level position is ideal for someone who … Read More

Charlotte RB Sun Bath

Baby Charlotte RB is not wanting to be upstaged by our newest little foal Tavish. After a few wardrobe changes, she donned her protective and fashionable eye wear, and settled in for a sun bath. 

Welcome Baby Tavish

Red Bucket’s newest little resident, Tavish, is happy to be alive! While we were very concerned about him initially…and had a few long days…Tavish has turned the corner and is flourishing! Our precious, tiny Tavish is reminding us all of the importance of every single life! We are all reminded that rescue means just that…rescue! Please join us in celebrating … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue #356 Ella and #357 Clarabelle

It is hard to believe the mare is pregnant again…and that the person responsible for “saving” her is also responsible for her severe neglect…and both pregnancies. While this brand of betrayal causes our hearts to clench and our heads to ponder the absurdity of the unbelievable, we are grateful for the three lives that we now will protect and nurture. … Read More

Nelson Update

What a difference a few weeks make. While we know that Nelson has a long road to go in his recovery, we are relieved to see that he too appears relieved. Our special boy is anticipating his meals, expecting to be fed, is no longer flinching when we touch him, and is enjoying his fluffy bedding and the safety of … Read More

February 2017 Team Member Highlight: Alexandra and Felicia Stears

Like Mother Like Daughter A shared passion for animal welfare led this mother/daughter team to Red Bucket, a day we are all grateful for! It’s one thing to dedicate yourself to a cause; it’s another to completely immerse yourself in its mission. Meet Alexandra and Felicia Stears, a charismatic mother/daughter team who have made quite a splash at Red Bucket! … Read More

February 2017 Adoption Celebration: Dixon

From trackside to seaside, this beautiful bay Thoroughbred has run his race…straight into the heart of his loving forever owner! All of the horses that call Red Bucket home are very special, but Dixon, a big, bold and beautiful Thoroughbred gelding, was a real attention magnet. His career had been as a racehorse; raced, injured, raced again, injured again, and … Read More

February 2017 Horse Highlight: Rosie

Cute as a button, phenomenally well trained and possessing a great work ethic…our adorable February Highlighted horse “Rosie” is looking for that perfect fit in a new forever home. “This beautiful stock paint chestnut mare with four white socks is known as our Rosie of all trades,” according to Red Bucket. Every girl dreams about owning a horse like Rosie. … Read More

February 2017 Culture Message

There are many questions for which there are no answers. Sometimes in the face of not knowing, we find ourselves sharply inhaling without the ability to exhale, or even breathe at all. The resulting dizziness is more than the lack of oxygen; it is the numb yet stinging reality that there is an absence of compassion, accountability…humanity. We were in … Read More