Good-bye, dear Miller

If midnight is the darkest shade of blue, it is that very color that has settled with a melancholy blanket of sadness on our little ranch. We first rescued Miller, a magnificent yet horribly abused and chronically injured Oldenburg, from the confinement of a chicken coop. Early this morning, with his stunning head in our lap, we said a final farewell as … Read More

Red Bucket TLC

Our formerly slaughter-bound fillies are enjoying a bit of Red Bucket TLC and “girl talk” with long-time team member and adopter Brianna. Kolcheck, feeling a little jealous, stuck his tongue out when he didn’t think anyone was looking. Don’t worry, he got plenty of attention after he put his tongue back where it belongs and recovered from his embarrassment.

December 2016 Horse Highlight: Clyde

Affectionate, engaged…and most of all grateful~Clyde is “a real ham with a kind heart!” according to Red Bucket Equine Rescue Volunteer Andrea Velarde. If Red Bucket employed a ranch “Greeter,” the position would have already been filled. Meet Clyde, who “loves being in the front of the Ranch so that he can greet everyone first!” says Red Bucket volunteer Andrea … Read More

December 2016 Culture Message

Touch. A few years after my dad died, my mom told me that touch was what she missed the most. The comment brought back a flash of tender (and some comical) memories; my father touching my mom’s shoulder as he passed her in the hallway, my parents brushing hands as a casserole was handed off, or dad putting his arms … Read More

December 2016 Team Member Highlight: Michael Ferrante

  If it Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway! Ever wonder what it takes to keep our Ranch up to snuff? Meet this month’s volunteer extraordinaire, Michael Ferrante, owner of Equine Facilities Repair and our “go-to” guy for handyman and repair work. Michael is a contractor with a huge heart for horses. He met Susan Peirce at the barn where his … Read More

December 2016 Adoption Celebration: Miss Beasley

Equine adoptive families are as unique as human adoptive families. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but they share a common bond of love and commitment that makes the family even stronger and more enduring.   Miss Beasley is the 3rd of 4 generations of donkeys that Red Bucket has rescued. Her mother is Tornado, her grandmother is … Read More

Good-Bye Dear Charlie Horse

We barely have the words. Charlie came to us only a year ago, having been abused every day of his life. They called us about him admittedly because he was too weak to walk to the riverbed a short distance away, and they didn’t want him dying on their property. He could barely walk, wobbled really, into our trailer…and we … Read More

October 2016 Horse Highlight: Legacy

A legacy brings hope to the future while passing on a timeless part of one’s self…such is our gorgeous, spirited and carefree cover boy “Legacy” with his undeniable beauty and presence. He is both a valued and loved part of the Red Bucket community. “Legacy was bred to be a champion,” according to Linda Rose, a leadership team member at … Read More

October 2016 Culture Message

The weekend, and our recent loss, brought conversation about the Amazing Jack. Usually, we talk about our horses starting at the beginning. But our little impromptu gathering started the reminiscing near the end. His last few years had been a gift, and not one of us had taken it…or him…for granted. It seemed poignant that the conversation was sparked in … Read More

October 2016 Team Member Highlight: Jill Clarke

THE HORSE SINGER – From singing to sewing, this team member does it all! Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? Imagine Maria von Trapp gracefully wandering through Red Bucket, singing soothing melodies to our four legged guests. Now open your eyes and meet team member extraordinaire Jill Clarke! According to Cathy Hessman, Jill Clarke is one of the … Read More