April 2018 Culture Message

It was 10:10 am. The sun was gently warming the east side of the ranch; the fragrance of spring was lightly laced with the clean aroma of fresh shavings. With the precision of a Swiss watch, Legacy was taking his morning nap…flat out recumbent, not just snoozing…but snoring; grumbles, groans, and grunts comically disrupting an otherwise tranquil scene. Keeping with … Read More

April 2018 Team Member Highlight: Cody Clark

THE BACKBONE OF OUR RANCH Through rain and snow and sleet and hail, through heat and cold and Santa Ana winds, this month’s featured volunteer brings brawn AND brains to the Ranch that the horses own! Rarely does a Sunday go by that we don’t see a strong and silent worker working diligently at the Ranch. Our hat is off … Read More

April 2018 Adoption Highlight: Rubix

This month’s adoption profile is about an exceptionally special horse – double adjectives intended. This description suits him to a tee. Rubix came to us after Susan Peirce received a phone call from a concerned friend. Rubix was a retired show horse who had been in pasture for several years. His owners were no longer willing to pay his pasture … Read More

Dr. Suess Update

Dr. Seuss came to Red Bucket after a “disappointing” career as a race horse. He was rescued…and then rescued again only to find himself in harm’s way, and unwanted. Once at Red Bucket, he was restored to health, assessed, and provided with a tune-up…and more…a second chance that really means something to us! Part of the incredible journey of Dr. … Read More

Farm to Table event April 28, 2018

There are still some tickets left for the Farm to Table event April 28th! This chef driven unique dining experience will be memorable…and may well be a “soup to nuts” extravaganza! Better yet, the evening begins with the sophistication of a scotch and wine tasting, Celebrity Chef Andrew Hunter, and so much more…plus, all those horses! Limited seats available. Please … Read More

Internships Available!

Red Bucket is currently interviewing applicants for our Summer Internship Program. Equine intern applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be interested in formally improving, growing, learning…and serving. Interns must be high school graduates, have relevant horse experience, be physically fit, have a good work ethic and demonstrate maturity and the ability to self-manage. Each intern will … Read More

The Adorable Rosie

The perfect spring weather is making it absolutely delightful to prepare Rosie to meet her new adopter! This mare is not only adorable…she is beautiful, and very well trained! We consider Rosie to be extraordinarily versatile in that she enjoys both English and Western styles of riding, and loves, loves, loves trails! This is another one of the head shaking … Read More

Spring has Sprung

Sunday brunch…room service for the fillies and then a family nap on clean sheets! Spring has sprung and our treasured residents are enjoying their beautiful ranch! Hard to believe that these formerly slaughter-bound babies are turning three years old! These girls have never known the unspeakable abuse that their mothers experienced…Now their days are filled with Red Bucket Charm Farm…and … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #271 – Josephine

  “You mean this is a rescue horse?” Our response to this frequently asked question is, “This is a Red Bucket Horse!” It makes the point…with over 100,000 unwanted horses in the US…that there are a great many desperate, deserving horses awaiting their second chance…and their forever home. While our business is life and death and fraught with struggles and … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #387 – JuJu

  Every Spring we welcome pregnant, slaughter-bound…almost always feral, and always desperate mares to the safety of our little Red Ranch. JuJu and a large group of other pregnant mares went through a livestock auction that sells horses, foals, and pregnant mares by the pound for meat. This darling sweetheart wasn’t even halter trained until a few days before she … Read More