Red Bucket Equine Rescue #244- Kamerick (AKA Kami)

Our Kami-Corder has captured a shot of 18 hour old little Kami stepping out onto her sun porch under the watchful eye of her momma Marlee (and the close supervision of the Red Riding Hoods)…. The fresh air and sunlight exposed a light sprinkling of freckles across Kami’s pink velvety muzzle as she took her first wobbly and tentative baby … Read More

Meet Roulette

Meet Roulette. Roulette a long with the latest batch of pregnant feral mares was rescued from slaughter with three other 3 month old orphans. We do not want to think of what happened to their mothers…but we do know that she was filthy, terrified, and while mixed in with frantic pregnant mares, Roulette was very much alone. She too was … Read More

Wyatt the long lost treasure

Stories of successful rescues warms our hearts. We get to learn of lovely, deserving, and soulful horses like Wyatt. Wyatt had been a stray….that is animal control speak for dumped. Found wandering the streets hundreds of pounds underweight, hungry and hurt. No surprise that no one claimed him…they didn’t want him…that is rescue speak for “unwanted”, and in Wyatt’s case … Read More

21 Additional Horses Saved:

Red Bucket Equine Rescue takes the “Rescue” part of our name VERY seriously. Our deeply held belief is that we need to do our part, then stretch just a little bit more, and then…save one more. The Sunday after we successfully rescued our recent 19 slaughter bound (with 13 pregnant mares) horses, we were alerted to an ADDITIONAL 9 pregnant, registered … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #207- Cupid xo

Well, the saying “sugar and spice and everything nice” has been over used, in this case it is certainly true. Cupid xo is a darling 12.3 hand pinto pony with super ground manners, the bangs of a rock star, and….you got it…the attitude of one super cute, slightly sassy, and irresistible PONY!!! He makes up for his short stature with tons … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 210- Tula

While we take pride in running a very professional operation, it would be less than honest if we didn’t admit to squealing when we caught our first glimpse of Baby Tula. She came to us high risk and injured…and completely sight unseen. She has delighted us with her charming personality and sweet nature. Though she came to us un-handled, she … Read More

Urgent!!! 13 Very Pregnant Mares

URGENT!!!! A Nevada breeder has dumped 13 VERY pregnant Quarter mares, 2 draft cross geldings, and a colt at the auction yard in Fallon. This auction sells horses…and pregnant mares to the kill buyers who illegally ship the horses over the border to horrific and barbaric deaths. We are partnering with other credible rescuers and are desperately trying to raise … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #202, #203, #204

They say that there are 3 sides to every story…”her” side, “his” side, and what actually happened. We certainly got an ear full of both sides of this story, but from our perspective, it is the horses side that we focus on and that we are committed to resolving and serving. The call was urgent. The woman was panicked….and ill … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 201- Petunia

Tis the season….naught or nice??? While we will be the first to admit that donkeys are delightfully naughty…and we adore them for it, we don’t think for a second that Santa would bring a donkey a …piece of coal. Baby Petunia has come to the security and safety of Red Bucket both injured and untrained….brought to us by a Guardian … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #199 – Mr. Rogers

We constantly marvel at the tenacity and resilience of the donkey. Far be it for a Red Riding Hood to ever call one of our donkey friends stubborn ….or use a despairing label or name. We do however have great respect and affection for these intelligent, thoughtful, and ever so endearing little beings. We also know that the very tenacity … Read More