Red Bucket Equine Rescue Adoption: Pilot

Sometimes the road to forever is long, winding, and sometimes….broken, but our promises never are. Cassandra waited a good many years to bring Pilot home, and these days Pilot is waking up at home, pinching himself! Cassandra, adopter of Josephine (her heart) and long time supporter of Red Bucket’s lifesaving work has been inundating us (we love it!) with videos, … Read More

Red Bucket Update- Roulette

In keeping with our passion of serving the desperate, Red Bucket led a rescue effort that impacted 31 feral pregnant mares, saving them from the anguish and brutality of slaughter. Consistent with our practice of “saving one more”, we were able to save a terrified baby who had been stripped from her mother’s side before the mare shipped to slaughter. … Read More

Kiki can’t stop smiling!

In between rain storms she and her very own new forever BFF, Paisley, went for a walk…in the clouds! We can’t tell who is pinching themselves more. We sure are grateful for happily ever afters! Thank you to all who made this dream come true!

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #250 – Paisley

Valentine’s Day is extra sweet for Kiki and Paisley, as both of their dreams have come true. Kiki has been dreaming for a very long time about a special friend…a forever horse to grow up with, to love, and to take care of…forever. Paisley has been waiting her entire life for a girl of her own, to love, cherish, and…take … Read More

Meet Red Bucket Equine Rescue #394 Sylvia’s Hope

  The horses…they are always deserving. Sometimes we say “yes” because we just can’t say “no”. Sometimes we say “yes” because the people are deserving. For over a year and a half, a Good Samaritan…good person…fed a starving, stranger’s horse. Her act of loving compassion and humanity erased the horse’s ribs, distrust, and dull eye, replacing all with curiosity, and better…hope. … Read More

Poppins- Red Bucket Equine Rescue #335 and Adoption #220- Update:

When Poppins arrived at Red Bucket a little over two years ago, she had a number hot glued to her hide. Her baby had a number too, but he was so little they had to glue his number to his tiny, fragile, little neck. At the livestock auction, they stripped Baby Walker from his mothers side intending to sell and … Read More

Cooper’s Herd

They say birds of a feather flock together…in this case it appears to be true for grays, although the Warmblood/Quarter Horse component does not appear to be an issue! In our dedication to continue to enrich the lives of our Treasured Residents, we persist in building herds that allow for and foster the mind, body and spirit…and…the horses’ innate requirement … Read More

Giving Tuesday

Please help Red Bucket celebrate ten years of lifesaving work and help us continue to serve desperate and horses, mules, and donkeys! Our meaningful work is only possible through the generosity of others. Thank you or helping us make a profound difference and donate today!

October 2018 Horse Highlight: Denny

Curious, confident and the quintessential gentlemen…”Denny” is a big, beautiful Warmblood who is full of personality combined with an amazing disposition. The face of “high risk” has been changing over the course of the last several years. Many of the horses finding their way to Red Bucket had once enjoyed a wonderful life and had even been quite famous. Even … Read More

October 2018 Adoption Story: Cupid XO

He knows he’s clever. His stable buddy, a thoroughbred named Magic, will race across the arena to show off his ability with speed. Yet, the stocky pinto pony knows the trick to beating Magic: before the lengthy thoroughbred can reach the other end, the quick- witted pony runs across the middle of the arena to cut him off like a … Read More