Spotlight on Enrichment and Charm Farm!

Summer class is in session! Pattington shows off his fun day at Charm Farm playing with the carrot puzzle. Red Buckets Charm Farm has a wonderful class this summer. Charm Farm is school for the youngsters, foals and anyone who wants to play to learn vital skills like leading, haltering and picking up their tiny little feet for hoof picking … Read More

Spotlight on Finbar

In May of 2009, we rescued 42 beautifully bred Irish TB’s hours from the kill truck, including Finbar. They were emaciated, shattered, hopeless and vacant. The stallions including Finbar were standing in cramped, filthy pens nose-to-tail-tail-to-nose eating each other’s tails in a half hearted and desperate last chance for survival. When Finbar arrived at Red Bucket he was angry and … Read More

Red Bucket Forever Home #256 – Scion

It is said that the world is quite small…and the horse world is even smaller. When eight-year-old Ryder asked for money in lieu of birthday presents, and then used the money to buy items off of the Red Bucket wish list to help our horses, little did she know the chain of events that would follow. Not only did her … Read More

Denny Part 3- Happy 23rd Birthday!

As irony would have it, today is Denny’s 23rd Birthday. We are home after our big emotional and wonderful trip…and, our precious boy Denny is home too…forever. Jenny took this Birthday picture of Denny with his Red Bucket filled with Root Beer Barrels, and 23 apples. For those of us who are parents, our children never know that their Birthdays … Read More

Denny Update Part 2

Denny had just returned from his “overnight” where he had spent sixteen hours of enrichment, grazing and socializing with friends. Most of his breakfast had been eaten and he was half dozing in his stall, awaiting his morning enrichment and herd time, when I walked our visitors into the barn. Denny sensed Jenny’s presence before she came into his line … Read More

Denny Update Part 1

Denny was famous and his expansive resume boasted the highest of accolades; Horse of the Year at Devon…twice, the winners circle at the Maclay Finals, a successful international career, and championships too numerous to list. He was also very valuable, and with such ascendancy, was treated like royalty, groomed and maintained meticulously, and wrapped with the greatest of care on … Read More

Dublin and Painter

They say birds of a feather flock together…In this case, hansome thoroughbred Treasured Residents Dublin and Painter are besties and graze (and flirt) together while enjoying our beautiful California sunshine.

Blizzard and Walker

Our Team took the briefest hiatus from their busy duties of serving our Treasured Residents to appreciate the magical moment occurring in Finbar’s Pasture. Two formerly slaughter-bound youngsters frolicked, played, ran, and grazed together, enjoying their enriched lives. “Baby” Walker had already been sold to Kill Buyers and was moments from shipping before our dear friend Kristine Overly swept in … Read More

Adoption Update: Piper

Beautiful Piper is another glorious representation of our lifesaving work…and a meaningful reminder that forever can really mean forever! Red Bucket rescued Piper from starvation, neglect, and impending slaughter in 2009. Once rehabilitated, Laura adopted Piper in 2012 and clearly adores and loves her beautiful happy Red Bucket Horse, a great example that love and time can erase many wounds. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #253 – Thurston

Carrie contacted us, distraught and devastated over the loss of her beloved 27-year-old horse. It is a love story that we have become all too familiar with…the passing of a treasured lifelong horse, leaving a devoted owner heartbroken and the horse’s companion grieving and inconsolable. Understanding the emotion and urgency, our team worked quickly to match Carrie’s wish list: a … Read More