The Honor of Serving

We are pausing for a moment to reflect upon the honor of serving our treasured residents, valued team members, and community. The work of rescue is arduous, filled with long hours, sleepless nights, weary bodies, and unquestionable heartbreak. With summer winding down we have still-vivid memories of steamy days of scrubbing and refilling stock tanks, wiping down auto waterers, and … Read More

Red Bucket Summer Hay Drive

Summer is a brutal time for Horse Rescues and many non-profit organizations. Hay prices and operating expenses soar and due to summer schedules and vacations. Many supporters temporarily forget about our horses urgent needs and ongoing lifesaving work. Please help us fill our hay barn…and fill our horses bellies. Pennies make dollars, and dollars feed horses! We greatly appreciate all … Read More

Clarabelle Update!

  What a difference a little over a year…and a lot of TLC makes. The very sick and feral little Clarabelle, who arrived at Red Bucket just a little over a year ago, is now a healthy and well adjusted youngster. Little Clarabelle has been weaned, halter trained, and assigned to a mentor “Pop-Pop” Casey, who teaches our little redhead … Read More

First Day of Summer

The first day of summer has brought a blanket of purple to our horses’ otherwise red ranch. Our flowerbeds are blooming, the orchard is dropping fruit quicker than the bunnies and squirrels can carry it away, and the air is thick with the fragrance of jasmine and lingering orange blossom. Our Treasured Residents are enjoying the beautiful weather and refreshing … Read More

Red Bucket Forever Home #235 – Mira

After a lifetime of abuse, starvation, criminal neglect, and isolation, Mira was rescued by Red Bucket. Barely able to walk to our awaiting trailer, she then began the fight to courageously reclaim a life that was stolen from her. Mira suffered in her silent, dark prison for two decades. Today, her life is full of color, warmth, kindness and consistent … Read More

Mira Update

There are so many words…and yet no words; we wanted to give you all an update on Mira. After 2 decades of extreme neglect and abuse, our beloved Mira has reclaimed her life. It has taken 6 months of TLC, physical therapy, and lots of emotional equity on our part…which we have happily provided! Mira is now enjoying enrichment time … Read More

Delightful Dot

Our precious and delightful Dot is now two weeks old! She has perfected her many tricks…kissing, nursing, running, jumping, bucking…backward bucking (commonly known as rearing), twirling, and leading like a little lady with a butt rope. When all of the tricks have been demonstrated and practiced, our delightful Dot collapses in a puddle of adorable exhaustion, and under the protective … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #390 – Dot RB

  Red Bucket and JuJu would like to proudly introduce little Dot. For those of you who guessed that JuJu would have a healthy Strawberry Roan Filly, you were absolutely correct! Dot has amazed us all with her sweetness, strength, and zest for life. She was standing and nursing within an hour, and  JuJu, a  previously slaughter-bound youngster herself, has … Read More

Juju Baby Watch!

We are counting down the days…or maybe the hours…awaiting the arrival of JuJu’s foal. Barely just a baby herself, pregnant, and feral, JuJu was rescued from a livestock auction that sells horses by the pound for meat. Safe now, JuJu has settled into domestic life and now leads like a little lady, loves her bedding, adores being groomed…and even had … Read More

April 2018 Horse Highlight: Micah and Maverick

Jubilant, energetic, and the happiest best friends ever…Micah and Maverick are amazing examples of how Red Bucket’s commitment to our horses comes shining through… “Micah and Maverick are perfect examples of Red Bucket’s dedication to finding that ‘perfect buddy’ for all of our residents,” says team member Linda Rose. This beautiful friendship has been wonderful to watch blossoming after months … Read More