Ralphs Community program logoIt’s easy… just shop, swipe your card, and Red Bucket will be rewarded.


Giving more back to the community!

Ralphs is committed to helping our Red Bucket community grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other non-profit organizations earn millions of dollars through the Ralphs Community Contributions Program. The Ralphs Community Contributions Program was designed to make our fundraising the easiest in town by simply using your Ralphs Rewards Card.

This is what Red Bucket can earn:

  • Up to $200 per month of eligible purchases — 1%
  • Between $200.01 and $350 per month of eligible purchases — 2%
  • Between $350.01 and $500 per month of eligible purchases — 3%
  • Over $500 per month of eligible purchases — 4%

Please sign up and help us to help the horses! The registration only takes a few minutes. NOTE: Card owners need to re-register for the program every year on September 1st.


Question: What are the step-by-step instructions so I can register my Ralphs Rewards Card online?


1. Log in to www.ralphs.com.
2. Click on “Register” which will take you to “Create an Account”
3. Follow the 5 easy steps to create an online account
4. You will be instructed to go to your email inbox to confirm your account or you may be asked to enter your alternate ID (phone number)
5. After you confirm your online account by clicking on the link in your email, return to www.ralphs.com and click on “My Account” (you may have to sign in again first)
6. View all your information and edit as necessary
7. Link your card to Red Bucket by clicking on:

  • Community Rewards
  • Search for “Red Bucket” or browse to find our organization
  • Remember to click on the circle to the left of Red Bucket’s name

Answer #2: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED YOUR REWARDS CARD ONLINE (This means that you have already entered your email address and assigned yourself a password)

1. Log in to www.ralphs.com.
2. Click on “Sign In”

3. Enter your email address and password

4. Click on “My Account” (in the top right-hand corner)

5. View all your information and edit as necessary

6. Link your card to Red Bucket by clicking on:

  • Community Rewards
  • Edit Community Contribution and follow the instructions
  • Remember to click on the circle to the left of Red Bucket’s name

Question: Once I have enrolled, is my personal information secure?

Answer: Ralphs does not sell, trade or rent our customers’ personal information to outside companies or marketing firms, nor do we share it with Red Bucket. Please read our complete Privacy Policy online at www.ralphs.com.


Question: How do I change my Ralphs Rewards Card to contribute to a different organization?

Answer: Just go online at www.ralphs.com, click on “Sign In”, click on “My Account”, click on “Community Rewards”, click on “Edit My Community Contribution”, and then complete the information with your new organization number.


Question: Can I give to more than one organization at a time?

Answer: No. Your Ralphs Rewards Card can be linked to only one organization at a time.


Question: After I sign up my Ralphs Rewards Card with Red Bucket, how long before my purchases start counting towards rewards?

Answer: Your purchases will begin counting towards Red Bucket within 72 hours of signing up your card online (after the beginning date of the term). In addition, within 7-10 business days of successfully registering your Ralphs Rewards Card online, you will see at the bottom of your Ralphs receipt, “At your request, Ralphs is donating to Red Bucket Equine Rescue.”


Question: Does everything in my shopping cart count towards my donation to Red Bucket?

Answer: Supporters can earn rewards on almost everything, every time they shop! However, there are specific purchases that cannot be included: alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, postage stamps, gift cards and Green Dot prepaid cards, gift certificates, CRV, fluid milk and milk products, lottery and promotional tickets, fuel, fuel center purchases and sales tax.


Question: Does Ralphs have any restrictions on how Red Bucket uses the rewards I help earn?

Answer: All proceeds derived from the Community Contribution Program must be used for charitable purposes within the communities Ralphs serves and cannot be used for political, legal or administrative purposes. Ralphs has the discretion and right to terminate any organization from the program at any time if it is determined that any of the proceeds are used for political, legal or administrative purposes.


Question: Does participation in the program interfere with my individual fuel rewards?

Answer: No. Your individual fuel rewards are awarded to you and your household. Your Community Contributions are for your favorite community organization. Even though both programs are based on your Ralphs purchases and are linked to your Ralphs Rewards Card, the two programs are completely unrelated to each other.


Question: Why do I have to re-register next year if I’m already participating the prior year?

Answer: The Ralphs Community Contribution Program will be evaluated every year and changes will be considered based on the success of the program. By making a one-year commitment to Ralphs, Ralphs is also making a one-year commitment to you and your favorite community organization. It also gives each organization an opportunity to refresh its membership by spreading the word to new members and keeping the previous members informed about any changes to the program.


Question: What if my family members or I don’t have access to a computer or an email address, how do I donate to my favorite organization?

Answer: There is an alternate registration method, a scanbar letter. Just call us at 1-800-443-4438 and we will mail a scanbar letter directly to your organization. Your coordinator can make copies. Just take your copy to the store the next time you shop and scan it with your order, along with your Rewards Card or phone number, and you will be linked with your organization for the duration of the current term.


Question: What if I don’t know what my card number is because I use my phone number?

Answer: As long as you know your alternate ID (phone number) you can donate by registering online. If you need assistance, please call 1-800-443-4438.


Have Additional Questions? Please contact us at 1-800-443-4438 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm)