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Red Bucket Equine Rescue is always looking for like-minded individuals who want to help make a difference. If you are passionate about what the Red Bucket symbolizes and are in alignment with our mission, operating guidelines and philosophies, then we invite you to help in becoming a voice for the voiceless. Volunteers who participate find it meaningful and rewarding to give a voice to the horses. Volunteer development and enrichment include:

  1. Required Red Bucket Orientation and training on our story, introduction to our horses and their ranch, and training on Mission, Vision and Values.
  2. “Red Bucket Way” training for all new volunteers.
  3. Monthly safety training for all volunteers handling horses, feeding or cleaning stalls.
  4. Curry Comb Club — available to active volunteers in good standing who are not working directly with the horses but would like to learn to become more “hands on”.
  5. Cross Tie Clinics — monthly clinics covering relevant topics such as: Detecting, Diagnosing and Treating a Hoof Abscess; Recognizing and Treating Colic; Everything About Mares and Foals; What You Didn’t Know About Donkeys; Compression Bandages, Stack Wraps, Standing Wraps, and Polos; Vital Signs; Treating Soft Tissue Injuries; Horse Behavior, etc. These clinics support our culture of continuous learning, serve as enrichment for our volunteers, and increase the competence and confidence of our team members.
  6. Fireside Chats — Available to all volunteers. Provides enrichment, team building, sense of community, communication and education.
  7. Stable Service Day — Organized service day to facilitate and complete ranch projects, ranch maintenance, and special projects. The day ends by celebrating our accomplishments and our horses with a community barbecue.