Charlotte RB Sun Bath

Baby Charlotte RB is not wanting to be upstaged by our newest little foal Tavish. After a few wardrobe changes, she donned her protective and fashionable eye wear, and settled in for a sun bath. 

Welcome Baby Tavish

Red Bucket’s newest little resident, Tavish, is happy to be alive! While we were very concerned about him initially…and had a few long days…Tavish has turned the corner and is flourishing! Our precious, tiny Tavish is reminding us all of the importance of every single life! We are all reminded that rescue means just that…rescue! Please join us in celebrating … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue #356 Ella and #357 Clarabelle

It is hard to believe the mare is pregnant again…and that the person responsible for “saving” her is also responsible for her severe neglect…and both pregnancies. While this brand of betrayal causes our hearts to clench and our heads to ponder the absurdity of the unbelievable, we are grateful for the three lives that we now will protect and nurture. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #355 – Nelson

  Dumped starving in a riverbed, and then “rescued”  by people who continued to deprive him of adequate food, shelter or care, the suffering horse’s feet were so overgrown and neglected that he could barely walk. The “rescuers” were afraid that he would die on their property…and so they called us. We are grateful that they did.  Overwhelmed by his … Read More

Good-bye, dear Miller

If midnight is the darkest shade of blue, it is that very color that has settled with a melancholy blanket of sadness on our little ranch. We first rescued Miller, a magnificent yet horribly abused and chronically injured Oldenburg, from the confinement of a chicken coop. Early this morning, with his stunning head in our lap, we said a final farewell as … Read More

Red Bucket TLC

Our formerly slaughter-bound fillies are enjoying a bit of Red Bucket TLC and “girl talk” with long-time team member and adopter Brianna. Kolcheck, feeling a little jealous, stuck his tongue out when he didn’t think anyone was looking. Don’t worry, he got plenty of attention after he put his tongue back where it belongs and recovered from his embarrassment.

Good-Bye Dear Charlie Horse

We barely have the words. Charlie came to us only a year ago, having been abused every day of his life. They called us about him admittedly because he was too weak to walk to the riverbed a short distance away, and they didn’t want him dying on their property. He could barely walk, wobbled really, into our trailer…and we … Read More

Jesse Coker…our hero!

We have said it, and we believe it…it truly does take a village. In this case, it also takes a hero, and our hero, supporter, and long-time friend, Farrier Jesse Coker, stepped up…and out into the blazing heat, to help us trim or darling (but…very opinionated) donkeys. Suffice it to say that while adorable and very gentle on many levels, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #331-Tyler

“Hard to believe…” , three words that we often find lingering on our numb tongues. A double-registered, sound, trained…..oh, and dare we mention the “S” word? Super Duper gorgeous! Rescued from a slaughter auction where he was being bid on for the purpose of being sold by the pound for slaughter. Thanks to our precious friend Kristine, Tyler has found … Read More


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