Forever Homes Found: Mozart, Maverick T., and Brodie

The morning hummed with an energy that altered the normal cadence of post-breakfast turnouts. The concentration of red clad team members in the cross ties; currying, brushing, polishing…and “green-spotting” trumped even our annual calendar photo shoot. The celebratory vibe was one of a favorite holiday, new birth, and long awaited announcement all rolled into one. The catch of excitement…the slight … Read More

Tess Update

She was no longer useful and no longer valued…not that we imagine she was ever really valued. Her owner no longer had use for her…she was older, had been roughly ridden into chronic lameness, and had cancer. We might add that behaviorally she demonstrated signs of repeated abuse…but most of them do. We rescued her literally moments from being euthanized. … Read More

Red Bucket Charm Farm Summer Session has begun!

Our summer internship has begun, and little Clarabelle is moving straight to the head of the class. Clarabelle came to us very feral, neglected, and terrified. She recoiled from any touch and felt the need to defend herself at all times. Today she is showing great progress…and like many youngsters has a bit of a sweet tooth (adores Mrs. Pasture’s … Read More

Millie and Miss Manners Update

Millie and Miss Manners have adjusted beautifully to their new adoptive forever home. Their new “mom” is devoted to their happiness and reports that she “loves them immensely”. We chuckled when it was reported that while the flies seem to love sweet Millie…they stay away from Miss Manners, who is perhaps a bit too “spicy”. Miss Manners, who was definitely … Read More

Good-Bye Turner

Hello dear friends! We did not realize that it was Mothers Day when we scheduled Turner’s Memorial. Please join us in honoring Turner and Mr. Sebastian on Sunday, May 21 at 4:00pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Internships Available!

    Red Bucket is currently interviewing applicants for our Summer Internship Program. Equine Intern Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be interested in formally improving, growing, learning…and serving. Interns must be high school graduates, have relevant horse experience, be physically fit, have a good work ethic and demonstrate maturity and the ability to self-manage. Each … Read More

Looking for a New Team Member

  Red Bucket is currently looking for a new team member to link arms with us in caring for and providing daily enrichment for our treasured residents. Qualified candidates must have solid horse handling skills, be physically fit, genuinely have a true love for horses, and have an outstanding work ethic. This entry level position is ideal for someone who … Read More

Charlotte RB Sun Bath

Baby Charlotte RB is not wanting to be upstaged by our newest little foal Tavish. After a few wardrobe changes, she donned her protective and fashionable eye wear, and settled in for a sun bath. 

Welcome Baby Tavish

Red Bucket’s newest little resident, Tavish, is happy to be alive! While we were very concerned about him initially…and had a few long days…Tavish has turned the corner and is flourishing! Our precious, tiny Tavish is reminding us all of the importance of every single life! We are all reminded that rescue means just that…rescue! Please join us in celebrating … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue #356 Ella and #357 Clarabelle

It is hard to believe the mare is pregnant again…and that the person responsible for “saving” her is also responsible for her severe neglect…and both pregnancies. While this brand of betrayal causes our hearts to clench and our heads to ponder the absurdity of the unbelievable, we are grateful for the three lives that we now will protect and nurture. … Read More