Update on Diesel

Animal welfare…horse rescue is life and death. It would be a fair statement to say that we cry a lot. Privately, publicly, in the shadows of a previously occupied stall, with a vet looking at a truth that we don’t want to see, in the neck of a horse that we love….in our pillow at night. Today we cried ….Jenon … Read More

Keller and Jill

Many of you have inquired about Keller….Heavily abused, starving and then abandoned in a river bed. He had been tied to a tree by a wire by the homeless that inhabit the riverbed, our vet suggested that we call him Coat Hanger, not because of the wire around his neck…but because of his emaciated condition. Brianna named him Keller, meaning … Read More

Rescuing horses takes hard work and tears

From the Daily Bulletin: Rescuing horses takes hard work and tears CHINO HILLS – It’s really tough for Susan Peirce to talk about the horses at her ranch without crying at least once, maybe twice. The founder of Red Bucket Equine Ranch and its 400 volunteers are on a mission to save and rehabilitate horses who have been abused, neglected … Read More

Brianna and Baldwin

Brianna, Jared and several of our other young people have been touring around Red Bucket Ranch on the back of our darling Baldwin. Baldwin is super gentle and very loving and appropriate for riding at the walk. Because Baldwin loves all people and is very gentle with  children, we would love to get him a home where he will have … Read More

Horses, humans will be rescued in new home

In rescuing, I was rescued. That’s Susan Peirce’s motto. When she founded the Red Bucket Equine Rescue three years ago, the plan was to rescue horses. She had no idea how much all that rescuing would change her life and her heart; or, as it turns out, the hearts of hundreds of other Orange County residents. At first, it was … Read More