February 2017 Team Member Highlight: Alexandra and Felicia Stears

Like Mother Like Daughter A shared passion for animal welfare led this mother/daughter team to Red Bucket, a day we are all grateful for! It’s one thing to dedicate yourself to a cause; it’s another to completely immerse yourself in its mission. Meet Alexandra and Felicia Stears, a charismatic mother/daughter team who have made quite a splash at Red Bucket! … Read More

February 2017 Adoption Celebration: Dixon

From trackside to seaside, this beautiful bay Thoroughbred has run his race…straight into the heart of his loving forever owner! All of the horses that call Red Bucket home are very special, but Dixon, a big, bold and beautiful Thoroughbred gelding, was a real attention magnet. His career had been as a racehorse; raced, injured, raced again, injured again, and … Read More

February 2017 Horse Highlight: Rosie

Cute as a button, phenomenally well trained and possessing a great work ethic…our adorable February Highlighted horse “Rosie” is looking for that perfect fit in a new forever home. “This beautiful stock paint chestnut mare with four white socks is known as our Rosie of all trades,” according to Red Bucket. Every girl dreams about owning a horse like Rosie. … Read More

February 2017 Culture Message

There are many questions for which there are no answers. Sometimes in the face of not knowing, we find ourselves sharply inhaling without the ability to exhale, or even breathe at all. The resulting dizziness is more than the lack of oxygen; it is the numb yet stinging reality that there is an absence of compassion, accountability…humanity. We were in … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #355 – Nelson

  Dumped starving in a riverbed, and then “rescued”  by people who continued to deprive him of adequate food, shelter or care, the suffering horse’s feet were so overgrown and neglected that he could barely walk. The “rescuers” were afraid that he would die on their property…and so they called us. We are grateful that they did.  Overwhelmed by his … Read More

January 2017 Horse Highlight: Blades

Charming, grateful and accepting…just a few of the many wonderful attributes of a horse who was all but given up on…ready to be shipped off to slaughter until Red Bucket Equine Rescue answered the call and made room for “Just One More.” “Blades is a very gentle soul,” says leadership team Jenon Mathes. “It is also plain to see he … Read More

January 2017 Culture Message

We changed Echo’s stall today. That probably doesn’t mean a lot to the average person, but it means the world to us…and to Echo. Echo waited a very long time to come to Red Bucket….we were more aware of him than he was of us, as he fell onto and off of our waiting list. He was, of course, just … Read More

January 2017 Team Member Highlight: Anne-Marie Hallman

  Like Mother Like Daughter What’s a mom to do when her daughter wants a horse? GET HER ONE! Brianna was relentless. This tenacious 13 year old read about Red Bucket Equine Rescue in the Orange County Register and was determined to become a part of this group. She didn’t care that they had a minimum age of 18 for … Read More

January 2017 Adoption Celebration: OhSo

  It is no secret that everyone in our Red Bucket family is thrilled when one of our precious equines gets adopted. But some adoptions are so special that we all feel like cheering. This is one of those special adoption stories. Michelle Walker is Red Bucket’s Director of Finance. She also has a full-time career as a CPA, but … Read More

Good-bye, dear Miller

If midnight is the darkest shade of blue, it is that very color that has settled with a melancholy blanket of sadness on our little ranch. We first rescued Miller, a magnificent yet horribly abused and chronically injured Oldenburg, from the confinement of a chicken coop. Early this morning, with his stunning head in our lap, we said a final farewell as … Read More