October 2016 Adoption Celebration

“I received a call that Cinnamon was going to an auction frequented by kill buyers, and Red Bucket was full at the time,” recalls Susan Peirce. “She was older and not super sound. I get these calls all the time and have to watch the population that we bring in. Rescue is only the beginning, and many are old or … Read More

Jesse Coker…our hero!

We have said it, and we believe it…it truly does take a village. In this case, it also takes a hero, and our hero, supporter, and long-time friend, Farrier Jesse Coker, stepped up…and out into the blazing heat, to help us trim or darling (but…very opinionated) donkeys. Suffice it to say that while adorable and very gentle on many levels, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found # 196 – Delilah

While most of us love a real life Cinderella story, the “ashes-to-forever-after” story of our beautiful Delilah is bound to produce goosebumps on even the hottest of days. Delilah came to us starving, hopeless, suffering from a painful and untreated infection, and within hours of being sent to slaughter. But final tragedy was not to befall her as she came … Read More

September 2016 Horse Highlight: Charlie

Abused, abandoned, frightened and starved…Charlie and his comeback story is an inspiration for us all! What a difference one year can make in the life of a brave, kind-hearted and gentle-minded horse that has just spent the past year recovering at Red Bucket Equine Rescue…where loving and caring volunteers have saved him from a lifetime of horrible mistreatment at the … Read More

September 2016 Culture Message

Ironically, I was humming “The Birthday Song”. The reality is that outside of Christmas Carols and a few favorite hymns, it is the only song that I know all of the words to. I was humming it over and over as if the “repeat” button on my limited musical library was permanently jammed in the downward position. Of course, being … Read More

September 2016 Team Member Highlight: Asia Arellano

This protégé of the Red Bucket internship program has paved the way for other ambitious students to take the reins and help restore confidence in abused horses.   What better way to spend your senior year in high school than at Red Bucket? That’s exactly what Asia Arellano did as part of her high school senior project in 2014, and … Read More

September 2016 Adoption Celebration: Boomer

According to Susan Peirce, “Most donkeys just have a lot of personality. When our donkeys come to us, they range from being feral, to wild and to domesticated. Even within that range, Boomer was special. Unlike most other donkeys, Boomer, a 2-yearold, was extremely shy. He also seemed exceptionally kind.” Susan said that Boomer was also the easiest donkey at … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #331-Tyler

“Hard to believe…” , three words that we often find lingering on our numb tongues. A double-registered, sound, trained…..oh, and dare we mention the “S” word? Super Duper gorgeous! Rescued from a slaughter auction where he was being bid on for the purpose of being sold by the pound for slaughter. Thanks to our precious friend Kristine, Tyler has found … Read More

Adoption Update: Grande

Out of sight and out of mind, he had been relegated to an isolated, boarded-up bull pen with no shelter, little food, zero contact, and no hope. In spite of his then poor condition and gaunt frame, we almost needed a shoe horn to squeeze his giant body into our trailer during his rescue, and yet, as if glimpsing a … Read More


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