Tess Update

She was no longer useful and no longer valued…not that we imagine she was ever really valued. Her owner no longer had use for her…she was older, had been roughly ridden into chronic lameness, and had cancer. We might add that behaviorally she demonstrated signs of repeated abuse…but most of them do. We rescued her literally moments from being euthanized. … Read More

Bilek, a final farewell….

He was the very first horse that we rescued when we moved to Red Bucket exactly five years ago today. In a word, he defined the empowerment that owning our ranch stood for. He had been starved and roped until he lost the will to fight…or the bleeding rope burns became so painful that he just froze when the rope … Read More

Roxy Update

It is unimaginable that a horse would be considered a stray. Defenseless, endangered, betrayed and abandoned…left to forage through trash cans with the threat of traffic rushing by. With such a violation, we can only imagine what happened prior to the point of the inexcusable. What we know today is that the scars are healed, the trust rebuilt, and the … Read More

Red Bucket Charm Farm Summer Session has begun!

Our summer internship has begun, and little Clarabelle is moving straight to the head of the class. Clarabelle came to us very feral, neglected, and terrified. She recoiled from any touch and felt the need to defend herself at all times. Today she is showing great progress…and like many youngsters has a bit of a sweet tooth (adores Mrs. Pasture’s … Read More

Millie and Miss Manners Update

Millie and Miss Manners have adjusted beautifully to their new adoptive forever home. Their new “mom” is devoted to their happiness and reports that she “loves them immensely”. We chuckled when it was reported that while the flies seem to love sweet Millie…they stay away from Miss Manners, who is perhaps a bit too “spicy”. Miss Manners, who was definitely … Read More

Good-Bye Turner

Hello dear friends! We did not realize that it was Mothers Day when we scheduled Turner’s Memorial. Please join us in honoring Turner and Mr. Sebastian on Sunday, May 21 at 4:00pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Internships Available!

    Red Bucket is currently interviewing applicants for our Summer Internship Program. Equine Intern Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be interested in formally improving, growing, learning…and serving. Interns must be high school graduates, have relevant horse experience, be physically fit, have a good work ethic and demonstrate maturity and the ability to self-manage. Each … Read More

April 2017 Horse Highlight: Chance and Mr. Fields

Despondent, hopeless, unwanted and dejected…Chance and Mr. Fields…saved within moments of walking up the death ramp for a one-way trailer trip. Both have proven that once love and gentle care were received at Red Bucket Equine Rescue, they’ve been given back a more than doubled chance at a wonderful life… Anyone who believes horses are not aware or cannot understand … Read More

April 2017 Culture Message

We crouched quietly just outside of the stall. The baby, Tavish, dozed peacefully in the straw at his mother’s feet. Shamrock, aware of our presence, patiently stood over her 3-day-old foal. Her lower lip hung a bit and her hind hoof was slightly resting…Shamrock was giving us permission to admire her precious and very tiny colt. To the average bystander, … Read More

April 2017 Team Member Highlight: Megan Mahan

Continuing Education at the Ranch What they teach you in school doesn’t compare to what you learn at the Ranch that the Horses Own Her degree in Horse Ranch Management provided Megan Mahan with the basics for an equine education; Red Bucket provides the continued education and hands on experience that has taken her to the next level. “I knew … Read More